DCH Referrals


I have received some correspondence from Dorset County asking me to reiterate that urgent patients can be referred directly to the Acute trust. There has been a contact lens patient, with a corneal ulcer, who was referred via their GP (urgently) - however this route caused a delay in treatment.


The urgent referral details for the REI are:


In hours Monday – Friday REI

Fax referral (preferred)

01305 255374

In hours Monday – Friday REI

Phone referral 

01305 255192

Out of hours – DCH main Emergency Department

Contact the on-call ophthalmologist by switch board to discuss the case before sending to DCH.  If no one is contactable, send the patient to main ED with a referring letter

01305 251150 (DCHFT main switch board) 



We are happy to accept direct referrals from optoms for all issues that require urgent assessment e.g. ?wet ARMD, corneal ulcer, ?papilloedema.  We will triage the letters and contact the patient with the appropriate appointment.